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What is the force that binds the stars, I wore this mask to hide my scars

April 18th, 2009

(no subject) @ 06:57 pm

It's been almost three months since I last posted.  If you couldn't already tell, the three things that were listed in my last post obviously all got completed.  I branched off my cellphone and no longer worry about my mom on my ass (still with Verizon, but my own plan, and I get to use a "student discount" from SVA, so that keeps things cool) and the apartment was kept clean (PRISTINE - I vacuumed it, and it was in better condition than before they left).  Of course those were two very minor tasks that were over and done rather quickly. 

The big thing is that I finally moved out of Chinatown. 

Granted, I've been living here for just over 2 months, so I can't fully explain my tardiness in regards to updating here, but no matter.  Life is good.  I'm still not fully moved out (I own alot of garbage thats still happily living in the basement for now), but the majority of my life's goods are here with me, and thats what's important.  I ended up moving to Astoria, into a decent, clean place with only one (thank god) sane (DOUBLE thank god) roommate for $500 a month, which ain't too shabby.  She tends to keep to herself, as do I, and we keep opposite schedules, so we never see each other.  It's fantastic, and not because shes a bad person, but it's almost like having my own place, which is clutch.  Not too far from the train, safe and nice neighborhood, plus it's retardedly close to the city. What's not to love.

Naturally I've fallen in love with living on my own.  I was originally afraid that one day I'd realize my situation and suddenly break down crying with happiness, but that hasnt happened thankfully.  As it stands, I'm now content with the little things in life that I couldnt do before, like own a plant (having direct sunlight is amazing, plus my grandmother would have thrown out any living thing I brought up to my room, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral), have my boyfriend stay over whenever I want, buying groceries in peace, and knowing that no one's going to judge me about them when I bring them home.  Things like that.

Of course I happened to move in the dead of winter, so I didn't get to really explore the neighborhood - something I'm trying to get into doing now.  I went to Astoria Park the other day and tried to draw.  I say "tried" because I absolutely suck at it now.  It's okay, I got frustrated, but I have to keep remembering that it's going to take baby steps to get back on track and "relearn" how to draw again (my issue is perspective now, how odd).  Something I learned from (my many years of) art school - if you so much as stop drawing for a month or two, you get rusty.  Now imagine giving it a two year break and think about what that would turn your skills into.  Anyhow, baby steps.  I got inspired from a coworker I went to lunch with the other day - she was an english major in college and loved to read, but for two years after she graduated, she couldnt read anything but Cosmo because she'd gotten so burned out from school.  Now she says shes back on track and reads two books at a time (one heavy, one light) so she doesn't get back into a rut of not reading, or letting a book "go" and never finishing it.  I dunno, thinking about that made me realize that I've been missing the feeling of drawing more and more, and that I'd like to get back on the horse before I fall of completely.

Hmm - other than that, not much really going on.  Still in school (part-time, due to my class requirements and oddities), still working (part time, but long ass hours...actually having to pay rent SUCKS), still seeing Sean (and adoring him muchly).  I dunno - my life is going pretty well, any complaints I have don't really stay around for long.

Hopefully I can upkeep on this journal a little bit more - considering it's been THREE MONTHS since I updated, that shouldnt be such a tall order.
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What is the force that binds the stars, I wore this mask to hide my scars