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What is the force that binds the stars, I wore this mask to hide my scars

Cherry Blossom
19 November 1984
Spoil little old me?

"HEY, I'm just sitting here chilling with a jar of peanut butter and watching Charlie Rose." - Me

"If I had my mom's tits, I'd make 4 TIMES the amount of money I make now!!" - Mielle

"Now...as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted by the boss saying we should flash the Norwegian Dawn...oh god....I never thought Id say that" - Me to Nic

Me: Your seanwang loves the attention whether it means kids have to go hungry or not.
Sean: lol fuck the kids.

Me: im taking sex pics of myself to post to my myspace userpic so i can friend that guy i fucked
Me: now its your job to figure out which one is lamer
Sean: lol uh
Sean: i'm goin' for a tie.
80s music, adult swim, amarige, amazon trail, anger, anthropology, aqua teen hunger force, argyle socks, art, bitch heels, black hair dye, black turtlenecks, body mods, boys, burritoville, cancer boy, chamomile tea, cheap clothing, chucks, ck1, clemptor, conte crayons, contemplating, corsets, cotton candy body spray, crazy people, crocheting tons of scarves, curly hair, cybersex, dorks, dr. zizmor, eating, equatorial guinea, eyeliner, fabric, faded jeans, family guy, fight club, filler bunny, fluffernutters, fried chicken, froot loops, geeky guys, get fuzzy, glue traps, gouda, green tea, gum, h&m, happy tree friends, hedgehogs, hipster hating, homestar runner, hornrims, hover, i feel sick, invader zim, itchy squirrels, jasmine tea, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kittens, krispy kreme, labrets, latex, laughter, leather, lemonade stand game, lips, lipstick, lollipops, lps, lying in the grass, mascara, missha, monty python, museum madness, myst, napoleon dynamite, nature, non dairy creamer, oat bran bread, orange coffee, oranges, oregon trail, outdoors, painting, penguin cafe orchaestra, penis, peppermint tea, pepto bismol, peter paul and mary, philosophy, photography, pomme frites, porn, pretty bras, pthalos, punky dork girls, puppies, ranting, raw cookie dough, red satin, restraints, riding the ferry, roy lichtenstein, rum and coke, secretly people watching, sephora, sex, sex via gasmask, sex with dorks, sharp cheddar, short bangs, shrek, sifl and ollie, simon and garfunkel, star tattoos, stretching canvases, strongbad, sushi, tater tots, tattoos, the constellations, the night sky, thrift stores, tight pants on boys, tongues, trigun, true love, ugly clothing, ugly luggage, vanilla coke, vegetating, walt whitman trail, wandering around aimlessly, white chocolate, will ferrell, wine coolers, yukon trail